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I've been singing all my life - from the day I was born 'til today. I've been screamin’, singin’, hollerin’, and cryin’. I guess it’s my only reason for existence. My first influences were my pop’s gypsy records and my brother's rock n roll 8-track collection. When I was fourteen I met The Blues and I've been singing the music ever since. I guess it was the improvisational energy that drew me to the music. It was funky and unbridled, with nothing to lose. Junior Wells was the artist that hooked me. He was funky like James Brown and lowdown like Muddy Waters. I got my first gig when I was 16, at the Grubstake Saloon in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. It was a tough logging town back then but the folks were kind, and gave us respect and a chance to grow. My next gig was the Interlude Bar in Boise, ID. A popular hippie band didn’t make the gig and the club owner called us at the last minute to perform. We were a hit with that crowd and my career had started, I was eighteen at that time. From that day on I worked five to seven days a week for seven years straight in the same town, playing nothing but traditional blues. In 2001 Junior Watson came to town. I promoted and opened the show for him at Tom Grainey’s in Boise. A few months later I was touring in his band. Junior taught me a lot about the history of The Blues and exposed me to a lot of material I never knew existed. In 2004 I recorded my second indie release “Come And Get It” with Junior’s band. Soon after that I was taking my band out of state for small tours. I moved to San Francisco in 2004 'cause the woman I loved was moving. Best move I could have made. Word started to spread about me and in 2005 I joined up with Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets 'cause legendary bluesman Sam Myers was suffering from throat cancer. That was a great opportunity to sing Sam’s songbook. I learned a lot from that experience. 2006 I signed on with Blind Pig Records and recorded the CD “Magic Touch” with Anson’s band down in Austin, TX. The CD was nominated and won some very prestigious Awards. In 2007 I hooked up with Elvin Bishop after opening a show for him in California. He asked me to sing some songs on a record that he was making with a whole lot of stars. The album is nominated for a Grammy, so keep your fingers crossed. I just recorded a new CD called “Love Me Tonight” for Blind Pig Records. It will be out January 27th 2009. It's the best CD I’ve ever made. I’m a fortunate man to have made music with such great players and performed for such wonderful audiences around the world. I’m truly honored and indebted to the people who have paved my career. Well that’s it in a very small nutshell.