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John Pippus and friends Tim Proznick, Darren Parris and Ronii Wata (aka project producer Adam Baille) deliver fresh, contemporary, original blues with a great sense of fun and enjoyment with Wrapped Up In The Blues. Though traditional and familiar in origination, John Pippus wrote the words and music for every track on the album except one, delivering diverse tempos and approaches that get your foot thumping and your imagination humming. It really is an enjoyable album from start to finish and is a great example of now-generation blues.

John PippusWrapped is Pippus' third full length album and he has found success touring Europe and plays frequently around his home town of Vancouver. Having two releases done, there's definitely a sense throughout the album of experience and an authentic dedication to his craft, and a confidence that shows in a willingness to experiment. Like so many great performers he's found a balance between the familiar and the unexpected, and there's some excellent thematic development in songs that take you from comfortable spaces to stimulating new environments.

The real take-away here is the sense of fun and energy that comes through on every song. Pippus has the attitude and personality to put out an upbeat dead-on-tempo blues party.

Slower tracks still have a brightness and freshness, and the sound recording is very well done with with most of the recording having been done at The Warehouse Studio (owned by Bryan Adams) and a commendable engineering job done by Josh Bowman.

Never taking himself too seriously, but being serious in his fun, John Pippus' Wrapped Up In The Blues is a great fresh blues journey. It's the blues, so there's a traditional sound and feel to the arrangements but experimentation and diversity of approaches break this album out into a unique space. Originality and authentic energy make this a release well worth searching out, very highly recommended. ~Rust Reviews

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