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Jon Gindick: Vocals, Harmonicas, Acoustic guitar Ralph Carter: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Backing Vocals Louis Broussard: Drums Chuck Kavooras: Slide Guitar( Wishing Well, Ghost Dance) Brad Rabuchin: Lead guitar (Maxine) Ken Stange: Piano, Organ (When We Die) Bill Bixler: Saxophones, Clarinet (When We Die, School) Leslie Bixler: Backing vocals Boby Loya: Trumpets (When We Die, School) Big Al Walker: Tenor sax (I Love You More) Winner of the 2010 Hollywood Media in Music Awards "Best Blues Album of 2010." Harp player Jon Gindick, whose blues harmonica instruction books have sold 1.5 million copies, has released his first CD of original songs -- a blues and jazz harmonica-driven album titled “We All Come Back as Music.”

The main idea of this soulful collection is a whimsical yet provocative wish, and a true musician’s fantasy: after we die, we float through the world expressed in the timbres of our favorite instruments. The sparkling production is by Ralph Carter, who composes music for “Dancing with the Stars.” On We All Come Back as Music, Carter played most of the accompanying instruments including bass,keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, resonator and electric guitars. The impeccable Louis Broussard played drums. Adding that special spice, guest artists include Chuck Kavooras on slide, Ken Stange on piano, Leslie Bixler on background vocals, Bill Bixler on clarinet and sax, Bobby Loya on trumpet, Al Walker on sax. In 2002,

Jon started Blues Harmonica Jam Camps, 5-Day musical healing and adventure seminars now held in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Harmonica players from all over the world come to learn and jam and get musically healed in the heart of the blues country. Only miles where blues greats like Muddy Waters and Sonny Boy Williamson were born and buried, players of all levels stay in fixed-up sharecroppers shacks and get immersed in the unique musical community that supports as it challenges. Gindick’s next camp is March 23 through 27, sold out two months ahead of time. September 28 marks the next one. “We All Come Back As Music” continues Gindick’s artistic penchant for musical healing, but in a different way. Even if you aren’t sure about coming back as music, Gindick’s soulful conviction and perfect harmonica will make almost everybody reconsider Nietzsche’s famous maxim and Gindick’s obvious theory: “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
Jon Gindick

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