Jon Justice

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Jon Justice was born in the Chicago, Illinois, area in 1982. His first formal music performance experience came as a teenager, when he toured nationally with bluegrass and Gospel groups. In 1999, he acted upon the visceral effect such music has had on him since his youth: acknowledging its inhabiting of his soul and seeking to be among people who shared deeply felt musical sensibilities, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

A truly consummate performer, Justice walks from the sidewalk to the stage without breaking stride, bringing with him an authentic joy in his music that never fails to energize his shows-and his audience. With each show, Justice's easy presence and resonant musical style creates a bond with his listeners; the result is a live show experience that surpasses human-scale expectations and that is amazing and unforgettable-particularly when it emanates from one so young.

"The Rebound" is jam packed full of swamp driven blues anthems, searing slide guitar, and the sweet soul ballads Justice is becoming known for.

Jon Justice

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