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Jonn Richardson's musical journey began at an early age. He was raised in a musical family, with his grandmother and her brothers all being singers. It spread to his uncles--all musicians--and finally to Jonn. He received his first guitar from his Uncle Tino who was home for a brief moment from touring. The guitar was a box full of guitar parts with a body and a neck and two strings. Jonn put it together and made it work. His other Uncle infected him about the same time when he took Jonn to a gig with him where Jonn heard something that would change him forever: an eight piece big city blues band, known as Bert Wills and the Crying Shames.

Jonn started playing professionally with Al White and the Full House band. Jonn and the bass player later formed The Blue Coyotes, working six nights a week and twice on Saturday. After a dose of that grind, Jonn went into retirement for 5 years, but the music bug was too deep to keep him on the sidelines. Jonn started touring again and met Diunna Greenleaf, who hired him as her guitar player for Blue Mercy. In 2005 Diunna and the band went to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge and won first place out of 180 bands. In addition, Jonn won the Albert King Award (and a flying V guitar) for most promising blues guitarist.

jonn richardsonJonn has found himself on stage with many of his musical heros such as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Johnnie Johnson, Willie "Pinetop" Perkins, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Hubert Sumlin, James Cotton, Steady Rollin Bob Margolin, Earl Gilliam, I. J.Gosey, Texas Johnny Brown, Guitar Shorty, Otis Taylor, and many others. He is welcomed on stage by the blues elite as a young player with style and intensity who caries the torch and is respected by the great players.

Jonn and Diunna now tour nationally and internationally, as a major act for blues festivals - with several dates a year in Switzerland. He has played Category 5 amps for the past year and has been instrumental in their development. His amp of choice is an Andrew x 2 x 10 combo.