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Jørgen LangFinally, we again hear a great voice that does not come from far, but this country has its roots. Growing up in Lower Saxony Oldenburg Jørgen Lang is a wanderer between worlds.

A decisive stamp on his Jørgen, as he moved in 1990 for almost two years after Ireland. Here he experienced a vibrant musical tradition directly "at the source". Encounters with local artists left a lasting impression: Jørgen's vocal style (and his Irish accent), as well as his distinctive guitar style have their beginnings here. (The preference for black tea he had before - his mother's family comes from East Friesland.)

As co-founder of the cult chapel Hölderlin Express he played at many major European festivals such as Tønder, Sidmouth, TFF Rudolstadt, Great Wood Festival. As early as 1992 he received together with Elke Rogge, Olav Krauss and John Mayr the "German Folk Award" (now "RUTH" is).

Various tours have taken him to Africa, Australia, the United States, as well as crisscrossing Europe. 2010 it is planned to tour for the first time the Asian continent. An invitation to South Korea is already available.

Through their employment with the music from the Celtic-speaking discovered Jørgen also the special guitar tuning DADGAD for themselves. Over the years, he has the possibilities of this mood always further explored and passes on his knowledge about various courses and workshops you.

In addition to working with his trio " DÁN "(fine irish music) Jørgen a long-standing friendship and cooperation with the world music pioneer Rüdiger Oppermann, of 2009 for the soundscapes Festival (43 concerts in 2 months!) hired him.

2010 Jørgen Lang part of the ensemble " Caravan 2010 ", which connects the three European Capitals of Culture Bochum / Ruhr Area, Istanbul, and Pecz musically with participants from all three countries.

After over 20 years on stage (mathematically but still about 30 years before Ringo Starr!) Jørgen sets actually the first solo CD, which remains at the prestigious world of sound has appeared label of Rüdiger Oppermann, who has the CD also produced .

This shows Jørgen Lang in addition to the pure folk sounds now his other pages. Musical excursions lead in areas of rock and electronic music. Here, there is no fear, but only an outrageous curiosity Begnungen and expand their own musical boundaries.

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