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Josh Thomas

Bands Active: COLDTURKEY Blues Band YO-JO DUO

Star Sign CAPRICORN Instrument Vocals/Guitar Style Blues/Rock Singer Gigs =Signed to Festival Mushroom RECORDS Late 90’s early 2000’s ,,,,Signed to CAAMA mid 90’s,,,,played guitars on Australian song of the year IN 2005,,,,TOO MANY GIGS TO PUT DOWN Described as a POWER VOCALIST and a multi instrumentalist and regarded as one of the best black ROCK SINGERS going around in Australia by his peers. JOSH is currently working on a number of projects helping others perfect their skills in recording as well as producing bands and giving guitarlessons. JOSH has been working on his song writing for the past 5 years working with one of Australia’s legendary rock producers who worked with Super groups such as KISS-INXS-COLDCHIS EL-ACDC-LENNY KRAVITZ-BOB DYLEN-RAY CHARLES & THE BEACH BOY. Josh will going hopefully into the studio sometime in late 2008/09 to lay some tracks down with Mark Opitz....JOSH’s high intensity blues rock sound is kept true and true to the word as he keeps his sound honest and close to the heart. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, David Coverdale of Whitesnake and Lead Belly, JOSH truly feels every word and phrase that flows deep within the fabric of his creations. .......Keep'n it real.......

josh thomas