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Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues

In September 1981 the band performed their first gig in front of a full auditorium – and the success was a fact. Doctor Blues had soon established themselves on the blues-scenes across The Whole of Sweden as well as northern Europe.
Karin Rudefelt and the doctor blues
“Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues” have toured around northern Europe and Scandinavia, and performed in most places with a blues-profile, like the biggest blues-festivals and most important clubs. The band is regarded as innovators of blues as a genre and they like to experiment and push the boundaries of the blues into new dimensions, yet with both feet deeply rooted in the traditional mold.
2009 the band remodeled the setting with keyboard and a broader bass playing, which has given the band a heavier sound and output.

The band has always looked upon the blues as a mirror and reflector of it´s time, and from that fact booth lyrics and musical influences are connected to today´s society and its people.

The blues heals and cleanse!

Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues consists of the following persons;
Karin Rudefelt – vocals
Lennart Olofsson – guitar, vocals, composer
Peter Borgström – bass
Tobias Magnusson – drums
Sven Torstensson – keyboard
Contact: +46 703 077 912 Pilgatan 5B, 352 36 Växjö SWEDEN

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