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Klaus Brandl

Klaus Brandl - The guitarist, singer, composer, lyricist and arranger Klaus Brandl and his music is rooted in the expressive power of the blues. He has personal, cross-genre developed his style and particularly impressed by the emotion of his virtuoso guitar playing.

His music is rooted in one of the most expressive musical styles of the 20th Century, the blues. The old masters like Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, John Lee Hooker among others brought in it the life of blacks in the United States to express their grief and their joy, their despair, hope and humor. And this intensity of expression, it has just done Klaus Brandl. And he succeeds with his guitar and his voice this density of emotion into music, not just imitation, but with a very own authenticity. Over the years, this passionate musician has its own distinctive style developed one, in which he has incorporated much. Especially Lindley are here JJ Cale and Tom Waits, Ry Cooder and David mentioned, the traces have him and that he in no way inferior in musical quality.

Klaus Brandl plays the guitar with an intensity that is a rare experience. He modulates each note to give him emotional expressiveness to give the best possible. He plays the guitar with The Whole body, hugged her, stroking her, she shakes, stomps her foot. It may Acoustic Guitar Slide style longing to sing his joyous howl or melancholy lament by the "bottleneck", a finger slipped over metal pipe, steel strings when Additionally sliding slide) (in a specific haunting sound vibrate: English. As a slide guitarist, he has achieved a rare championship. He plays extremely sensitive and emotional, but also with rhythmic power, and he has so specific emotional "animated" style developed one that also in the sound room of a church just its effect. Klaus Brandl's playing technique is excellent, as finger-picking guitarist, but he is not vain in the foreground, but places them under the musicality.He often plays in almost minimalist style, if it requires the mood of a piece.

He is not only an extraordinary guitarist. Klaus Brandl (b. 1954) composes, writes and arranges his pieces himself and he sings with a distinctive husky voice. All that is heard on several CDs he has released.

The versatile musician is a stage in a different way to listen to the. As a solo artist, he shows himself as a guitarist and singer with a very lively stage presence, appealing brash humor through his program out with The Whole emotional spectrum from melancholy to vital rhythm involves. The duo is cast to listen in different: with his old band mates Chris Schmitt, a harmonica virtuoso, with keyboardist William Foertsch, bassist and guitarist Peter Tobolla Holger strain. Musically appealing is especially the trio formation with Peter Tobolla on bass and the excellent singer and guitarist Rudi Madsius whose band he often e-guitar playing with. In the "Klaus Brandl Band" Hessing play alongside bass, keyboards, harmonica still Klaus Braun (drums) and James Durham (saxophone) in full occupation."Blues and Kusz" is another extraordinary project in which Brandl Schmitt and the Frankish poet and playwright Fitzgerald Kusz work with. (See the separate page for it).

Klaus Brandl is a mature musical personality of rare originality. He has his own personal music expression as found, especially as a slide guitarist, and he knows how emotional unmistakable sound of his guitar with his audience to touch and inspire.