L.P. Simonsen

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John Lee Hooker said, "The Blues ain't nothing but a good Man feelin' bad" L.P. Simonsen says, "Sometimes it's a "bad" man feelin' good!" Some People say that L.P. Simonsen plays the Blues sounding like he was born in the Mississippi Delta and raised in Chicago. He isn't. He is a Danish country-boy who discovered the Blues when he heard B.B. King. That hit a spot in his soul , and after diggin' deeper into it , he knew he was a bluesman! L.P. Simonsen

Time has proven he was right, and today he is an original Blues'n'Roots songwriter, singer and guitarist/slide guitarist, with a strong repertoire of original and standard material. He appears as a solo artist, playing acoustic guitar especially featuring Delta slide-blues, or with L.P's blues band playing electric guitar, Playing funky, ass-kickin' Blues'n'Roots.

The inspiration comes from Afro-American-Caribbean music from Robert Johnson to Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. He has, with his regular, superfunky band, L.P.'s Blues Band, recently recorded his first full cd, "True Stories", featuring 10 original songs. Furthermore he has appeared on the 2 widely acclaimed compilation-cd's, The Copenhagen Sessions, published by Copenhagen Blues Festival.







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