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Levee Town is a hot rockin’ Americana foursome out of Kansas City

levee townPages of Paperwork is the fifth installment in Levee Town’s catalog. With a sound built on years of constant performing and songwriting, the band has created a hard-driving, smoothly-polished, soulful record. Pages of Paperwork exhibits a maturity and sophistication borne of heartbreak and the joy of personal resurgence. Songwriters Hudspeth, Garoutte, and Meade share a convergent vision of the world-at-large and craft their individual tunes in a similar vein. The band chugs along with astonishing energy and focus. Vocally, Levee Town is obviously comfortable performing an ever-widening array of styles. From rocking shuffles to grinding slow blues to North-Mississippi-style rockers to KC swing numbers, Pages Of Paperwork is an exhilarating breath of fresh air and a joy to take in.

The beat is supplied by Jan Faircloth. He is originally from central Kansas, and builds the rock solid foundation of Levee Town’s rhythm. He can mesmerize you with a constant count, bang’em like Bonham, or tickle your ears with the brushes. Jan even sings chorus.

Jacque Garoutte multi-instrumentalist arranger and producer fills in the bass with years of musical experience. From Miami Oklahoma, Jacque lays down a deep strong bass line, supplies quite bit of energy onstage, and sings with a smooth single malt voice.

From Chicago, Jimmie Meade plays the harmonica like a man possessed by…angels and demons alike. He will make you smile as he jumps and jives during his intense harp and vocal renditions of Dylan and Waters.

While growing up in central Oklahoma, Brandon Hudspeth saw Johnny Cash on Sesame Street and had to start pickin’ on guitars. As he sings, he rings the neck of his wide body Gibson like its a Flying Vee dipped in gasoline.

These guys are blazing hot! They will cause you to stomp your feet, clap your hands, and maybe dance on the tables. Levee Town generates a lot of excitement and a smokin’ good time. For your own protection, you better wear a fire suit!

Brandon Hudspeth has played professionally for several years. Originally from Oklahoma, Brandon formed a band called Traffic Jam who opened for such names as Jay McShan and Bobby Blue Bland. He has also played with Cal Collins and the legendary Clark Terry.

In 1997, at the age of 19, Brandon relocated to Kansas City where he quickly established himself as a solid performer. He played with The MO City Jumpers before forming his own act, The Cobalt Project which enjoyed local and regional success with the release of the CD “Conversations With Lightnin’”. Brandon continues to be a first call sub for guitar players in such noteworthy Kansas City acts as John Paul Drum, Washboard Chaz, Big John and the 39th Street Blues band, and Lee McBee.

Brandon was one of the co-founders of The Cobalt Project, teaches guitar lessons and wrote several of the Cobalt Projects original songs. Brandon was also a member of the Kansas City Blues and Heritage All-Star Band, the opening act of the 2002 Kansas City Blues and Heritage Festival.

At present Brandon has formed a band called Levee Town from solid members of the Cobalt Project and from highly skilled professional musicians from the area.

Brandon has a strong emotional approach to his guitar playing, has a great work ethic, and brings it all out from the center of his heart and soul.

Brandon cites Freddie King and Buddy Guy as his primary influences.

Jacque also does solo acoustic gigs, plus sings and plays guitar in the JamBaLiars a groove oriented foursome featuring Pete Carroll of The Reverend Al Green’s touring band on trumpet, Cliff Moore of Brother Bagman & Tyree Johnson on drums. Look for them when LT is not working. He is also doing shows and writing new material with Greg Krutsinger in the outback production house.

Jacque has played everything from punk to gospel and “a whole lotta blues in between.” In over 35 years of playing music, he has seen the flavors come and go, worn many different hats (both musical and technical), but he is always drawn back to the blues.

He spent most of the nineties on guitar recording, writing & touring with a brother from another mother, Greg Krutsinger in theMissioNaries a rock & roll band geared for “big fun in a large way”. Early in this endeavor Greg & Jacque served as road crew for Lou Whitney & Donnie Thompson’s The Skeletones as they toured with Dave Alvin, “This was just our way of trying to hustle studio time from Lou!”. TheNaries still play out and record from time to time while Greg writes and records under his name and also Georgia Overdrive.

At the turn of the century Jacque was working with The Websters, Blake and Conrad, vocals and drums respectively brothers for real. This band, as ferocious as they were in debauchery also cranked out some great music that the fans loved. People would crowd the stage and sing with Blake and Jacque until the lights went up and they were forced to stop.

All the time Jacque spent in these projects he worked constantly doing pickup gigs with whomever called. During the time of the Websters he published the newspaper/e-zine mojomuse.com (someday to be resurrected as a web archive). At one time Ron Brooks drummer of the legendary Steve Gaines’ Crawdad, gave him the nickname Five Band Jack.

Producer/Engineer/drummer, Sam Platt got Jacque involved with the John Deere corporation on a compilation cd/webdownload called power up your career, the song American Dream was there for free download, as well as the Levee Town song Money.

Jacque has gigged or toured with a long list of great musicians, including blues greats like Ace Moreland, Smoot Mahuti, Baby Jason & The Spankers, Randy McAllister, Glenn R. Townsend, Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Benois King, Andrew “Junior Boy” Jones, Smilin’ Willie Guiedon and Wes Jeans.

Strong and subtle, disciplined and fierce, Jan Faircloth possesses a rare combination of musical taste and street-wise groove. Almost from the beginning, Mr. Faircloth has been completely enthralled with music and drumming. An early love for 60’s and 70’s rock and roll, gave way to a deep appreciation and connection with blues, country, jazz, bluegrass, punk, and hip-hop. Not surprisingly, Jan’s favorite musicians are also an eclectic bunch including Tom Waits, Jay-Z, Lazy Lester, George Jones, and The Misfits to name but a few.

Jimmie Meade grew up in Chicago and began playing harmonica as a teen when he was given a Little Walter record. He made his way to the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, studying with Joe Filisko. Soon he was sneaking into clubs to play with masters like Little Mack Simmons, Eddie ‘the Chief’ Clearwater, and John Primer.

After high school Jimmie relocated to Lawrence, where he began studying with Lee McBee. For the last three years Jimmie has lived and played in Kansas City, teaching harmonica at the Americana Music Academy in Lawrence. Influences include; Lester Young, Lee McBee, Little Walter, Little Hatch, Walter Horton, Muddy Waters, George Smith, Sonny Boy Williamson, Rice Miller, Kim Wilson, Gary Primich, Charlie Parker, Rick Sherry, Joe Filisko, King Curtis, Freddie King, Dennis Gruenling.

He teaches at the Americana Music Academy and Mountain Music on Shawnee Mission PKWY in Shawnee.


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