Little Wolf

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Little Wolf , whose real name is Jesse Sanders (born June 26, 1930 in Florence, Mississippi) was a career officer in Chicago while singing here and there in the blues clubs. Married to the niece of Howlin Wolf, Diane, Jesse was taken over by Willie Dixon when he had founded his own independent label Yambo. Willie was desperate to promote imitators of blues greats. Sanders, who occasionally imitated Howlin Wolf was renamed Little Wolf by Dixon, the death of true Howling Wolf, he wrote in 1976 and registered the superb 45t wont The wolf howl no more that had a small success juke boxes in Chicago. In the aftermath, Willie has produced a whole album, homemade (the covers were hand-glued by Dixon himself on the box and the text is peppered with many misspellings!) Was never distributed zero part. I once bought Dixon himself in the small shop he then held in Chicago. Although no title of this LP will find the strength to Wolf howl will not no more , music is still a good level with accompanying high caliber as Buster Benton, Johnny B. Moore and Billy Branch. Little Wolf had recorded another album produced by Bobby Rush is very rare and that our friend Pierre Monnery been traced.

At the time of his retirement from the police, Jesse Sanders went to live in Memphis where it occurred sporadically on stage.

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