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Lou DeAdderLou DeAdder (pronounced dee - adder) - Canadian Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter!

Wow - where to start? I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any. I was always fascinated by musical instruments when I was a kid - I remember showing my parents pictures of all kinds of instruments when I was as young as 5 - in the Sears catalog and many other publications. I would ask for them to buy me an instrument but I guess they thought I was a little too young at that point. Banjos, Drums, Guitars - I was interested in them all. I use to go to the local Sears warehouse on Saturday mornings when I was in grade 7 to look at all the guitars and drums they had on display - my parents finally agreed to buy me something for passing that year - I decided I wanted a snare drum - when we went to Sears in early July the drums were all gone - they had many guitars still on display so they bought me a Beltone guitar for $21.95 - sort of played like a tree stump now that I think about it but that was my first guitar and I was totally ecstatic. My mum would try and help me with the tuning in the beginning - I would give anything to have a video of that!

I was 12 then - by age 18 I was playing music full time! My main influences in the beginning were bands such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Doors, James Brown and while growing up in Toronto during the 60's I was heavily influenced by all the bands that made up the Toronto Sound - basically a heavy R&B influenced era. It was in the late 60's that I got the rockin' blues bug. My interests turned more toward players such as Jeff Beck, Mike Bloomfield, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa, Johnny Winter and a raft of other musicians from that time. When I was 18 I was in a band called the Blueberry Hill Band pictured at the right which was basically a blues band that wrote all original material - most of which was written by myself. I am standing in front and in order from there is Sy Potma, lead vocals and harmonica, Jack Procher, drums and Don Steel, bass.

The 70's and into the early 80's were spent playing on the road with whatever genre of music you had to play to survive - rock, r&b, top 40, country, blues and even disco for awhile - yikes!!! In the early 80's I was in a duo for 2 years with a drummer - 2 drummers actually - first was Cam Kingelin who was replaced by Dan Chaisson - and then for 12 years I did a single - probably the hardest I have ever worked in the music biz - travelling around Ontario playing in every corner of the province. I stopped playing live because of being so disillusioned with the biz and just taught guitar. After doing this for 6 years I finally decided that if I wanted to achieve anything musically I had better get off my butt and do something about it.

I started to write a lot of songs back then and I hit the studio in 2004 to record my first all original CD titled "Lou D." 7 CD's later I am still going strong - writing, producing and releasing CD's of my own material.

My current project is an all original acoustic guitar only instrumental CD called "Riding A Bicycle." There is, as always, quite a diverse set of tunes ranging from a jazz influenced number, a wedding procession tune, an east coast jig/reel type song and many finger picking arrangements. This CD was released June 1, 2013.

You can purchase all of my music by going to the Store or by searching for Lou DeAdder through the iTunes widget to the right. All music is available in CD format and also as MP3's - the MP3's can be purchased as an entire album or as individual tracks!

Lou DeAdder

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