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About Louie BlueLouie Blue (SELF BIO)
Springville, AL
Louie Blue: singer/songwriter/keyboardist/producer

Hey Everybody!...My debut Album is available on my website. Just click on the Louie Blue.com image, just below the Album picture, or click the ITunes image to purchase individual downloads.

I started out playing bass in a local band, back in the 60's, mostly Beatles music, then moved on to Blood Sweet & Tears, The Winters Brothers, Freddy & Leon...etc. Joined a Vegas Show Band by the name of Flyer and toured 51 weeks a year for 5 years. Now that was an education...hehe.

Time marched on and I played with Blues and Funk bands, then didn't play at all for a few years. I could name names and such but....who really cares.... :)

The important is, that finally, I'm doing what I love.
I'm writing, singing, playing keys and producing. That's all that matters to me, in a professional manner.

I've had the good fortune of hooking up with a wonderful human being by the name of Tommy (T.C) Carter (Tomi Carter on Our Stage) who plays brilliant guitar on a lot of my tunes and my music is all the better for it. Thanks Tommy! I love ya Man!

I hope you all enjoy my music half as much as I love writing and recording it.

(I can't always do what I feel, but I ALWAYS feel what I do!)
Louie Blue

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