Lucille Spann

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 Despite the commercial success ( Country girl returns ) at least in the Hit Parades Soul Chicago in 1972, Lucille Spann will have little in the history of the blues.
Yet this powerful singer who exudes a lot of emotion in almost every performance has a small engraved recorded work that does not deserve to be so neglected.
Mahalia Lucille Jenkins born June 23, 1938 in Bolton, Mississippi, she sang very young in the choir of his local church and has naturally continued to practice the Gospel after his family is coming in 1952, living in Chicago. She knows Otis Spann and marries him in the 60s. Those who have approached the couple reflect the great mutual affection the two "lovebirds" emerged.Lucille Spann

Otis immediately made his singer Lucille Spann, and despite some misgivings, she kissed the blues with the same passion she practiced the Gospel. Lucille appears here and there on a couple of tracks in several signed by Otis Spann, particularly in a recorded "live" in Boston while Otis had only weeks to live record albums.

On the death of Otis in 1970, Lucille decides a little out of faithfulness to the memory of her husband, continue to sing the blues. Spotted by Al Smith that surrounds a superb led by guitarist Mighty Joe Young Orchestra, recorded two Lucille 45t on Torrid label. If despite Women's lib composition "trendy" at the time, the first 45t going nowhere, the second Country girl returns Part 1 & 2 is a small success that allows Lucille appear in several concerts and festivals, particularly that of Ann Arbor which includes an evening dedicated to the memory of Otis Spann.

In the process, Al Smith produced in 1973 Cry before I go , a superb album for his label Bluesway (distributed by ABC), which unfortunately never published, has become a collector's item.

But this does not allow Lucille to win a lot of commitments. And with the departure of Mighty Joe Young, she finds herself without orchestra. In 1975, Lucille Spann put an end to his brief career as a blues singer and returned to live in Mississippi where she will continue to practice the Gospel. She died August 2, 1994 in Vicksburg, Ms.

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