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mad midgetMad Midget plays Delta blues in a century old tradition that introduced old legends like Son House, Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Lightning Hopkins. In fact, we dare say that Mad Midget is a modern successor to these celebrities. He shares the old blues artists’ interest in intoxicants, women and weapons, but with an attitude more associated with gangsta rap than with the cotton fields of Mississippi. ”Blues for Pimps” is Mad Midget’s first album. Through his lyrics, he shares with us the problems and agonies that a hustler of his caliber might face. These problems can be about violent, sometimes deadly, duels with competing rivals, his constant cash flow problems or his love for women that however - never competes with his love for ganja or money.

Don’t underestimate this little fellow! It’s a complete Mad Midget that enters the scene. The guitar playing is dazzling, the voice is soft and the lyrics are raw, direct and sharp. Mad Midget’s views on humanity in general, and women in particular, may appear old-fashioned or offensive. As a listener though, you’ll have to try to forgive the hard working midget for these views, which also seem to have their roots in the early former century. (If not, you can always avoid buying the album and hope that your kids don’t download it.) We, who despite this have found a place in our hearts for Mad Midget, can allow ourselves to surrender to the groove and shake our butts to his message: is good, hell yeah it's great".

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