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Marc-André LÉGER is the artist who will go where we do not expect him to go. He came from Canada to play the blues for Europeans with his resonator guitar in one hand, and his old PowerBook in the other. His playground is roots blues in its simplest form: guitar and voice. His guitar playing is a combination of dexterity and virtuosity, and his sensual voice brings a touch of soul to a repertoire of traditional blues. His generosity and inventiveness shine through when he shares magic moments on stage with his audience.

Since his arrival in Europe in 2008, Marc-André LÉGER has been recognized as a true artist by his peers on the blues scene. With his precise, seemingly free-flowing arrangements, he gives a nod to the blues artists who have influenced his musical style. Every concert surprises and seduces the audience because of his knowledge of other genres of music that are somewhat historically related to the blues.