Marshall X

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Marshall X - I'm a singer-songwriter-producer, play guitar, keyboards and alto sax.

Earlier I was signed to Ariola, CBS in Austria. Had about 14 Singles on the Market, 3 LP's. 1984 I spent one year in NASHVILLE,TN, where I met a lot of nice people, was invited to record 5 songs with very well known musicians and ERNIE WINFREY, a very well known engineer. In the SOUNDSHOP Rec. Studios, were we recorded our songs, we were invited to watch a recording session with RAY CHARLES and different country acts. JOHN HURLEY (Son of a Preacherman, Love of the Common People) became one of our best friends. Our Song "What about You" was recorded by HOT CHOCOLATE on a single and it was the theme song for "Pizza Pizza" with Julia Roberts.

I wrote about 140 songs, about 80 of them I have on records or as demos. I'm together with Linda Bohnert since 33 years.
She is the female voice on all my recordings, my cowriter and had also an LP out etc.

Marshall X

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