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Matt Minglewood. ...guitarist, pianist, singer, composer creates an inspired blend of country, blues, roots and rock. He
exhibits a true understanding of many styles of music that enables him to create a unique sound, a musician who had done his
homework. His records remain fresh, untainted by fads and rock/pop music urban frenzy. Both on record and on stage Matt
keeps the music thriving and vivacious. From introspection to full blown rockin' blues, Matt's music is always marked by his
adept song writing, sturdy vocals, searing guitar work and his ability to enhance the boundaries of one of music's oldest
forms....the blues. He is a performer who never gives less than everything he has each time he takes the stage. After eleven
recordings and thirty years of touring from Cape Breton to Vancouver, Europe and across the United States he has earned the
respect and loyalty of thousands of devoted fans who love more than just his music ------they love his heart. His music is
described as sassy, witty and fiercely independent with spirit and soul. It has always reflected his life around him and what he is
feeling at the time. Nowhere is this more evident than on his latest cd, 'Live at Last', recorded in Sydney, NS, outdoors on a chilly
night in September at a festival aptly named 'Minglefest'. It is a Cd charged with the earnest live energy of musicians who rocked
night after night throughout the clubs of the North and with the addition of Jeff Healey on guitar and Michael Pickett on harp the
band cooks! Laying down the bottom end and giving the band its driving force, is veteran bassist Grant Leslie, drummer Moon
McInnis, and a man who can sure tickle the ivories, Jim Ralph

matt minglewood