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The Mighty Mojo Prophets have been spreading their special style of Jazz, Swingin', Jump Style Blues, under that name since 2007, and "fancy themselves purveyors of high power, old school blues", and believe me, that is what you will get from their self titled debut album, for Rip Cat Records, "The Mighty Mojo Prophets".Mighty Mojo Prophets

"The Mighty Mojo Prophets" consists of 13 great tracks of which 10 were co-written by the founding band members Tom "Big Son" Eliff and Mitch “Da Switch” Dow. Tom Eliff and Mitch Dow also co-wrote "Night Train" with Bill and Jim Sautter. Mitch Dow gets sole credit for writing "Da Switch" and the remaining song "Boogie Woogie Rhythm" was written by "Whiteboy" James Page of the Legendary 80's and 90's blues band Whiteboy James and the Blues Express, which after a bit of an hiatus, got themselves back on track in 2006. In addition to Whiteboy James, "The Mighty Mojo Prophets" also included Alex Woodson, Junior Watson, Edo Guidotti, Johnny Mastro, San Pedro Slim, Eddie Edstudillo, Scotty Abeyta, and Da Bluz King (Leonard Ortiz), as very special guests.

In addition to Tom "Big Son" Eliff (Vocals) and Mitch “Da Switch” Dow (Guitar), The Mighty Mojo Prophets consisted of Scott “Hot Rod” Lambert (Standup/Electric Bass), Johnny Minguez (Drums), and Alex 'Little A' Woodson, for this debut release.

"The Mighty Mojo Prophets" waste no time at all, as they quickly jump out of the gate with the opening Track "Evil Sometimes", and rarely give us a chance to set down for a breather and when you do get a breather you will still be mesmerized with their slower tunes, especially the great closing Track "Travelin' Man" which at 5 minutes and 30 seconds is the longest song on this album.

"The Mighty Mojo Prophets" was just chalked full of highlights for me, which certainly included Junior Watson's great Solo Guitar work on Tracks 2 "Friday Night Phone Call" and especially Track 3 "Night Train" and Johnny Mastro's standout Harp work on Track 7 "West Coast Blues", & Track 8 "Hoodoo Lover". More highlights included the instrumental track "Da Switch", written by Mitch “Da Switch” Dow and brilliantly displayed Mitch's outstanding talent as a Guitarist and Track 12 "Boogie Woogie Rhythm" which featured Whiteboy James on Vocals. "Boogie Woogie Rhythm" was a really fun filled Track to listen to.

Favorite tracks on, "The Mighty Mojo Prophets", were quite numerous but in order to pick just a few, I must say Tracks 3, 8, & 13, "Night Train", "Hoodoo Lover", and "Travelin' Man" were at the top of my list, but really all the rest were not far behind at all.

With the release of "The Mighty Mojo Prophets", it is no wonder why The Mighty Mojo Prophets are such a hugely popular American Westcoast band. They really do have it all, with an amazing singer, Tom "Big Son" Eliff and Guitarist Mitch “Da Switch” Dow along with the other great members of the band, that truly round out this extremely tight collection of fabulous artists.

"The Mighty Mojo Prophets" was a really fun and entertaining album to listen to and one that I have no problem Highly Recommending regardless of what styles of blues are our favorite.

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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