Mikey, JR

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When blues forums toss your name around with the likes of harmonica masters like Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson...that has to mean something. Of course, there will always be skeptics; but to the blues fans of the northeast United States, there is no doubt that at just 26 years old, Mikey Jr. is chasing the masters at a pace that’s frightening. Growing up on the tough streets of Trenton, New Jersey, Mikey Jr. is a self-taught prodigy. With his impressive collection of vintage tapes, cd’s and videos, Mikey spent the better part of his youth immersing himself in the world of blues music. By the time he was twenty-one, he was already a road-tested player, making even ardent blues purists, take notice. Since that time, Mikey Jr. has released an impressive four cd’s as well as a documentary DVD. He’s been praised by blues societies as well as players for his original take on ‘old school’ styles and his latest release, ‘Look Inside My Pocket’ is being hailed as a watershed effort by the blues community. Mikey Jr. never set out to re-write the pages of blues history, but through his true love of the music and his undying dedication to the masters that came before him, it seems all but certain that Mikey Jr. will scribe his name in the annals of blues history - right along side the very masters that influence his every performance
Mikey JR

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