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Mojo Watson - If Mojo Watson’s last album “Black Beauty” was a series of blues sketches, then '18th & Agnes' is a fully realized modern blues painting. This is a solid and electrifying set of music recorded in an analogue studio environment. On a whole, this body of work is a quintessential collection of songs that gel very well. From the shockingly strong opening track, which is a cover of Buddy Guy’s “Ten Years Ago”, until the last track, “Make Up Your Bed”, each of the tracks on this album are fantastic. '18th & Agnes' moves with the blunt force of a runaway locomotive and doesn't stop. And wow, what a guitar virtuoso Mojo Watson is…he is arguably one of the best and most creative blues guitar players currently on the music scene. He smokes through these songs with a heat that is both passionate and intense. The kinetic energy between band mates on this recording creates such a supernova that rips through the atmosphere. Even the mellow songs on here, such as "From My Heart", are very moving, and contain memorable little melodies that seem like little wisps of opaque clouds smattered against the audio soundscape. '18th & Agnes' is a burning light and possesses undisputed attitude. The talented Mojo Watson strikes again.

mojo watson