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MONACO BLUES BANDThe MONACO BLUES BAND started in –82 in the city of Västerås, Sweden. The name came from the nightclub where the band was formed after request from the owner who needed a little more action on Sundays. This was in the time of jazz-rock with John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola and other super exilibristic performers that the audiences by that time got tired of. MBB began with strictly John Mayall and Paul Butterfield covers, with their versions of blues material and it was an absolute success. People got crazy, dancing on the tables, flipped out totally when they heard MBB..s boogie-jump-shuffle versions of those old songs. It did..nt last long till the first tours started, first in Scandinavia and then Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and USA.(Germany was like a second home for the band with 54 tours from –84 till now,) with many TV and radio performances. The first two records came on CBS: –84 “THE MONACO BLUES BAND,” then –86: “MUD, BLOOD N’ BEER,” The third was “BLACKOUT”, a live recording for Line records, made at the “LOGO” in Hamburg -89: Then came: “SNEAKIN’ OUT THE BACKDOOR” on Eagle records –97.The last one came in June- 01:”PRESS REPEAT” on Havic Records from Austin Texas. There was one record that didn’t come out recorded –94. (Problems with the company.) CBS made a record –86: “ECHOES OF RHYTHM & BLUES,” together with Stevie Ray Vaughan., Fab. Thunderbirds, Mason Ruffner and the MONACO BLUES BAND. The list of artists that MBB played as support act and together with is long: Joe Cocker, Jonny Winter, Duke Robillard, Stevie Ray Vaughan., Eddie Harris, Champion Jack Dupree, Louisiana Red, Ten Years After etc.,.etc. The music is blues-rock-boogie-uptempo-shuffles and 90% original material nowadays and is performed in a happy, intense humorous way with lots of competent and breathtaking instrumental efforts with irony and a twinkle behind the sunglasses, hats and blazers! MBB is: "Little Jenny” Bohman, harp and vocal. Benny From, bass and vocal. Björn Werngren, guitar and vocal. Kjell Gustavsson, drums. Contact: Björn Werngren Repslagargatan 7f. S-724 60 Västerås Sweden. Phone: +46-70-372 31 80 E-mail:

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