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The blues band OBERG received its name from guitar legend Ted Oberg. The line-up of OBERG primarily is made out of illustrious names. Ted Oberg, to blues standards, forms a unique guitar duo with the highly talented Mick Hup. A guitar tandem in the best of the Allman Brothers tradition, to be precise. Furthermore the icon of OBERG and charismatic female singer Liane Hoogeveen may be considered the absolute top with her dynamic and blues drenched rock voice.
The trinity of intense vocals, guitar and organ, all carefully taught, every note in the right place is so expressive that only one conclusion is possible:
These are people who know how the blues should be played. But the most beautiful, the beautiful instrumental finale “Last Station”. It shows Ted Oberg to a master of emotion to be.
Ted Oberg, One of the few guitar heroes of the blues in our country, makes a remarkable comeback with the album “Blues As Blues Can Get” by the band named after him Oberg. The last album which Ted Oberg have cooperated were dated less than 33 years ago, namely the album “Blue Breeze” (1976) Livin ‘Blues. This legendary blues band The Hague, which he founded with his distinctive guitar playing was the trendsetter, Ted Oberg scored big (inter) national hits as “Wang Dang Doodle ‘,’ LB Boogie ‘and’ Shylina.

The sound of the group Oberg, unlike those of Livin ‘Blues, largely based on the so-called “twin guitar” concept that allows bands like The Allman Brothers, Thin Lizzy wrote history. This unique guitar tandem Dutch standards is on stage with Ted Oberg Mick Hup, The great blues talent ever as eighteen by bassist Noel Redding of The Jimi Hendrix Experience was described as one of the most impressive guitarists since his heyday he had seen and heard. A strength of Oberg is also the charismatic singer Liane Hoogeveen. This relative newcomer to the genre may be dealing with her blues-soaked rock voice to one of the great vocal talents of our country count. The veteran rhythm section of bassist consists Oberg Nico Heilijgers, Who worked with former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor and blues veterans such as Roscoe Chenier and Smokey Wilson, and drummer Paul DamenThat international names such as Phil Collins, Melissa Etheridge, Lionel Richie, The Tramps and Eddie Floyd has coached.

The CD “Blues As Blues Can Get” is included in the famous, former Dureco studio in Weesp. This studio complex is currently owned by the multimedia company E-Sound, the same record label Oberg. The album appeared in May 2009 harvest without exception very positive reviews. Partly because the band acts as a headliner at many Dutch, leading blues, jazz and pop festivals.
Oberg, I hear you thinking: where did I hear that name more? Of course the founder of one of the best Blue Bands (from the dim past) of our own little country. Living the Blues were well known in the Netherlands in the sixties and seventies, with a sound that was like a house, and with musicians that are unprecedented. Will people like Sophie, Johnny LaGrande, Nico Christiaanse do it hopefully does ring a bell, and other songs like Wang Dang Doodle and LB. Boogie do I hope. Not anymore, though said to be the band never officially disbanded. There was also Of course the band still Oberg, where JJ. Sharp played a major role as a vocalist. Following this chapter is Ted Oberg graduated as an engineer in the electronics, and then completed a conservatory. Furthermore, he also worked as a guitar teacher. In recent years Oberg was also active in the Super Session band and the band Grand Slam. This is a completely different story, I can report, and I am very pleased.

Ted Oberg is obviously a guitarist of the highest order and with Will Sophie showcases him here a very different sound that is reminiscent of Wishbone Ash, The Allman Brothers, and we’re clearly talking about “Twin guitar” playing, which really fantastic sounds. The tracks on this album are really full of variety and reveal a tremendous musicality and freshness in music. The CD contains Pure Bluesrock, Boogie, and as I said a middle of a blues and a touch of Symphorock this punctuated with a vicious “buesfeel” that are unprecedented. The band has a truly phenomenal singer and figurehead in the ranks who listens to the name Liane Hoogeveen, what a voice that occasionally reminds Tineke Schoenmaker but also to Dana Fuchs and even Anouk, so versatile. It can beautifully understated ballads, but can also be very well off with heavy Bluesrock tracks. Sightseeing d tremendous asset to Blue World. The rest of the band can head, excellent keyboard work by Will Sophie, already a lot instruments on this album plays. Furthermore Marco Oonincx that The Whole thing together basst carefully. Paul Damen steady on drums, and finally so Ted Oberg, guitar, and then as a special guest Deniez.

This album is of very high caliber if you ask me, and call a golden jewel of the recently listed, and hear actually a little home in the Dutch blues scene “Comeback” Oberg, I hear you thinking: Where have I name heard more? Of course the founder of one of the best Blue Bands (from the dim past) of our own little country. Living the Blues were well known in the Netherlands in the sixties and seventies, with a sound that was like a house, and musicians who are also unprecedented kende.want The Bintangs Cuby and have recently delivered a star album. This album truly work speak volumes, and are not totally comparable with each other, and yet they all have that link with the “Low Blues of yesteryear”!. Are we digging through the album as well:

Opener “Blues As Blues Can Get” is a great slow-blues with a raw edge. Cover Whising Well, it is a cover of Paul Rodgers, but it sounds different from what we know of The Free. “What You Got” swings through with a wonderful Hammond inside intertwined, and just as a sort of rock song wegluistert Evasion, “Black Spider” even a Blue Rocker, and then firmly “Six Strings On A Wing” with yes that Twin Game of the Oberg so-greats and Sophie sounds like a bell if you ask me. “I Want You” Rumble Blues one of the highest order, and in my opinion one of the highlights of this excellent album. The valve “Last Station” is tinged instrumental. The absolute gem of this disc is for me “Head Up High”, man what a beautiful subdued track with a really great Liana in the LEAD-now unforgettable for me.

Yes, this album shows Ted Oberg with his new band Oberg see that we are dealing with a very great talent to have, mostly still very much into doing in the modern Blue World Summit this album, and very quickly look at the circuit because they act pretty much, so grab your chance, I say!. The album is in stores yet, but already ordered on the website Oberg, especially do I say, Keep The Blues Alive My Friends.
By Frank van Engelen.