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Papa Joe Grappa is a guitarist who writes and sings topical blues in the Los Angeles area. He's played clubs in New York, London, Paris, Memphis, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. His work has been featured on the Dr. Demento Show. In the daytime, he is head writer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, under the pseudonym Joe Medeiros. papa joe grappa

I was always "too something". Too skinny. Too quiet. Too moody. Too smart-mouthed. But it wasn't until I started playing the blues that I thought I might be too white. papa joe grappa

I'm a suburban kid from Philadelphia who went to Catholic school and worked for 15 years in advertising before I became a Hollywood TV writer. I don't exactly have a blues pedigree. But what I do have is a love of the music and a tendency to write songs that make people look up from their drinks in the clubs I play.

And that's all I'm looking to do.

So have a shot of grappa and listen to Papa.