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A workhorse of a band with a serious dedication to their music, Papa's Hat is a trio that puts out an incredible wall of sound. With their roots steeped in jazz, southern rock, and funk, the original music that this trio produces is very much eclectic and original. Consisting of Grant Reynolds on guitar and vocals, Darryl Kay on bass, and Jeff Urbach on drums, Papa's Hat is true to their roots while always aware of the new music around them. "We're writing and playing the music that moves us," says Grant. "The three of us formed this band to do what we love to do."

After playing in numerous cover bands over the years, Grant and Darryl were looking to speak their creative voices in their original music. Since they were writing music to pre-built drum loops and recording songs without the benefit of having a live drummer to bounce ideas off of, some frustration quickly ensued. "I think we were getting a little irritated being cooped up in that room wearing headphones all the time," says Grant. "Darryl and I really wanted to get out and play, but we were having a hard time finding a drummer in the area who was willing to put their heart into an original project." By a stroke of luck, Jeff came along.

Jeff and Grant had played together in the summer of 2004 in a rock cover group that lasted for about 3 months. Though the gigs were grueling (six forty-five minute sets in 103 degree Southern California heat), Jeff and Grant quickly made a musical connection and became friends. After the demise of the band, Grant and Jeff lost touch for the remainder of 2004. Jeff took other gigs and was unavailable for an original project at the time. But when Darryl and Grant finally decided to put some serious time into the band, Jeff was ready.

Garnering some good local interest, Papa's Hat is currently playing in Southern California. More touring is planned very soon.