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Philip Sayce is without a doubt amongst the most promising blues-rock guitarists around at the moment and although he is relatively heavier than the majority of his contemporaries, he lacks none of the emotion shown by similar artists such as Joe Bonamassa and Gary Moore.Philip Sayce

One thing that is immediately evident about the young Welsh born guitarist/singer/songwriter is that heís not afraid to rock out and while his music is doubtlessly rooted to the blues many of the songs on this album could easily fit into the Hard Rock genre. Not least album opener, One Foot In The Grave, which with itís high energy riffing sets the tone of the album perfectly. As following track, Save Me From Myself, continues in similar fashion, itís clear that Philip Sayce is not only an exceptional guitarist but a great songwriter and vocalist too. The Hendrix-esque Slip Away is perhaps one of the most memorable songs on the album and features one of Sayceís most breathtaking solos. The first song to really divert from the heavy blues formula is Angels Live Inside, which starts off as an acoustic led ballad before picking up pace for another superb solo.

One of the albums most memorable riffs belongs to Blood On Your Hands, which combined with an anthemic chorus, makes for a classy rocker. The albumís only cover is a version of Neil Youngís Cinnamon Girl, which whilst staying close to the original sounds just as heavy as the rest of the album. Over My Head was the albumís lead single and, although it only achieved moderate chart success, has ĎAOR Classicí written all over it. This is followed by one of the albumís standout tracks, the five minute instrumental, Alchemy, which is quite possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of guitar orientated music written in recent years. On the other end of the scale songs like the heavy rocker All I Want and the funky Powerful Thing benefit from the albumís raw yet powerful production and provide the perfect contrast for the bluesier tracks like the aforementioned instrumental.

The album closes with the epic eleven minute title track, which owes more than a little to Jimi Hendrixís Voodoo Chile and is the prefect way to end one of the best blues rock albums of the 00ís.

Overall Peace Machine is an album that is full of potential and if there's any justice in the world it's an album that will see Philip Sayce go on to be as big as those who inspired him. ~JamieTwort

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