Pistol Pete

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Pistol Pete is a world-famous blues guitarist, based in Chicago. He performs alone, or often times with his blues trio, and his show packs a huge punch. He has been compared to legends such as Buddy Guy and Jimi Hendrix, and plays in blues clubs and venues all over the globe. Pete is a favorite blues act in Chicago, and can be seen
frequently around town and is featured as a headliner at The Chicago Blues Festival every year. Pistol Pete

Born in Los Angeles, California. Raised in Chicago, Illinois by his Aunt Floy and Uncle Wesley Williams. Wesley was a blues guitarist and introduced Pete to the guitar at the age of four.
Crane High School. All City Jazz Band - 4 years. G.I.T. Musician's Institute - various workshops.
Sherwood Music College.

Musical Director - Black Arts Celebration Band Leader in 1993. Pistol Pete and the Professionals,
Pistol Pete with Full Throttle, and currently Pistol Pete.

1995 - "LOADED" - Pistol Pete and the Professionals
1997 - "PISTOL PETE" - Pistol Pete
2002 - "MAN IN THE MOON" - Pistol Pete
2004 - "21ST CENTURY BLUES MAN" - Pistol Pete

Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa, Greg Howe, Jon Finn, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Eric Gales
and Albert King.

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