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pricilla's revengePrecambrian rock, with a flash of aurora blue; mix in searing guitar, danceable grooves and skilled songwriting. That’s the sound of Yellowknife’s Priscilla’s Revenge, one of Northern Canada’s most prolific and talented bands.

Since 2004 the band has been exploring the roots of blues/rock music and it shows. Influences of Jimmy Reed, Bo Diddley, Allman Brothers and Cream can be heard in their tunes. There’s been an incredible progression and growth throughout their three albums, and the original music they are writing is resonating with listeners.

The first two Priscilla’s Revenge albums both received nominations for national awards. “That’s What I’ll Say,” from their second album, reached #6 on the National Aboriginal Countdown. While their songs have been played on university stations and local stations across Canada, now, with the latest album "Third Gear" songs have received national radio exposure on CBC’s Saturday Night Blues and satellite station Galaxie Blues.

They've have two professional videos created by artists interested and inspired by their music. "Brakes On" was featured in the winner of a 48 hour video contest and "Am I Trapped in a Dream" was previewed at the Vancouver Olympics at the NWT pavilion. National TV recently did a feature story about the band on "The Mix" a weekly show on television station, APTN.

With "Third Gear" Priscilla has evolved to a point where their music is getting noticed on the international scene. During their recent work with Terry Manning (formerly of Compass Point Studios; Bahamas whose production credits include Otis Reading, ZZ Top, George Thorogood among others) a new level of maturity and professionalism has developed. Crowd response to their original music played during the 2010 Olympics was stellar. Fans and radio stations from as far away as Florida and Italy are turning their eyes North and to Priscilla.

Priscilla's Revenge is:

Norm Glowach: Born in Yellowknife NWT of Métis ancestry, Norm has been involved in the northern music scene all his life. From the early days of music programs and garage rock bands, Norman’s name has been synonymous as a master of his primary instrument, the drums.

Throughout Norman’s long career in music, not only has he dedicated himself to the North with his personal music, but has become an innovative leader within the musical community. As well as practicing his art, he has been a mentor for many musicians wanting to be on the cutting edge of technology. When not working at the NWT Archives, Norman runs his recording studio “Spiritwalker Productions” in Yellowknife. He is the most recorded drummer in the north and has been a member of many different bands performing over a period of 39 years in North.

Greg Nasogaluak: of Inuvialuit ancestry is originally from the community of Tuktoyaktuk. He started playing the guitar at an early age and has continued for the last 24 years. Encouraged by his parents, Eunice and William Nasogaluak of the “Tuk Drummers and Dancers” he continues the tradition of music in this long time northern family.
prescilla's revenge with leanna goose
Greg’s guitar playing can be heard on many northern recording projects from folk artists to punk rock groups. Greg is quickly becoming the “guitar player to call” when musicians need a guitar track done in the studio. His rock background, love of the blues, talent and dedication to his craft are turning him into an excellent guitar player who is a joy to watch.

Blair Brezinski: Plays the bass. Born in Yellowknife, Blair had been playing for many years with many local bands. When approached by Priscilla in the early days, Blair looked at the blues-rock style of the band as a nice fit. In the past five years since coming on board, he has been able to spread out and develop his songwriting style and vocals pushing the collaborative songwriting process to new areas.

• Built for Speed, 2007
• Roadworthy, 2008
• Third Gear, 2011

Norm Glowach
5101-54 Street
Yellowknife, NT, Canada
1-867-873-3912 or 1-867-765-8708
Website: Listen at: or
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