Red House

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Red HouseRed House is one of the pivotal blues bands in Spain and a sure-fire guarantee if you’re looking for a great time, creative quality, and a powerful live performance when they're on stage.

RED HOUSE is the result of many years of experience and friendship between Jeff Espinoza and Francisco Simon born from their mutual musical inquisitiveness, which has led them to explore the essence of American Roots Music.

Founded in 1998 they debuted with an homage with their critically acclaimed Blues CD “RED HOUSE”, which was followed by four more gems in the years that followed: “HOLD ON”, “CAPTURED LIVE”, “RATTLESNAKE ROAD”, and “CHIHUAHUA BOOGIE” all receiving rave reviews from the music press.

Looking back in time we find Jeff and Simon forming part of such legendary groups as the “FLYING GALLARDOS” and the “BOOGIE CHILDREN” where they began immersing themselves in Americana and Fusion styles.

The result of those musical experiences gave birth to RED HOUSE, the ideal group to fuse music influences from such genres as Funky-Soul to Hillbilly, but always with the Bluesy Touch that so well defines and characterizes their sound and style.

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