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Rich Rhocks - My name is Rick D’Antonio. I was born in 1977 and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. As you can imagine, I was always around music at a very young age. I first started playing guitar at the age of eleven, and once I found out who Jimi Hendrix was, it was all over. I continued to play the blues and rock and roll studying guys like B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughn, while my friends were into learning Metallica and other thrash metal bands popular at the time. By the time I turned sixteen, I was already writing songs
and had played my first show; the annual high school talent show were I played “Purple Haze.” I also got the chance to play on my father’s c.d. of his own songs. He thought it was important that I got some studio experience under my belt, even if my playing was still kind of “green” and not as developed as it is now. I continued playing in cover bands and working with other songwriters and musicians, to get experience playing live gigs and working with others to get the band experience under my belt. In the past few years I worked with an upcoming artist named Debbie Barber on her solo album debut called “The Best of Life” which is for sale on One of the most memorable songs I played on was a cover of Santana’s “Evil Ways”, where I contributed the memorable guitar solo as well as the rhythm guitar tracks. In the process, I got the chance to work with her producer and manager Buddy Greco, which was a very cool experience. I currently have two c.d.’s for sale on “Guns &Guitars” was released in 2010 and there is a short blues one called “Penitentiary Blues” released in 2006. Rich Rhocks

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