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Houston based Richard Cagle and the Voodoo Choir spent some time recently in the top 100 on the Denmark Blues Music Chart with their song “ You Got The Shake” from the CD “Texas Voodoo Blues”. The concept and development of the CD “Texas Voodoo Blues” is an amazing story that I would like to share…

I have known Richard Cagle for over twenty years. The following is how Richard described the concept and development of his debut CD to me on a recent visit to his favorite Houston pub – where he can be found every Thursday evening without fail.

“I knew I wanted to produce a Blues album, but instead of putting together a band, writing the songs, rehearsing and then recording, I wanted to do it all at once. I wanted it to be a true Zen moment. I invited some of the best musicians in Houston to join me in this adventure. The simple concept for each session was; four of us walk into my garage studio without knowing what we were going to play. “Abandoning thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow and concentrating only on what happens NOW – truly living in the moment”. In many of the sessions, the players had never met each other or ever played together. We wrote the songs on the spot - then turned on the recorder to capture the results. Streaming our parts is the best way to describe it. Each of the songs on this album took an average of two and a half hours to write and record. After the initial songs were written and recorded, I brought in Rick Thompson to play keys on all of them, Gary Sapone played Harmonica on two of the tunes, James Hoover replaced my bass on Uptown/Downtown, and Gideon Cheshire helped me fine tune the lyrics. I’m proud of the outcome of this project and I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating it. The Blues is all about feeling, and on this project, we all poured our hearts into it.” - Richard Cagle.

You may not be familiar with Richard Cagle but quite a few folks in the Houston music community know the artists he's worked with to help develop their career.  Produced and recorded Carolyn Wonderland's first and second album. Won Producer of the Year (Houston Press/KLOL Music Awards) for Carolyn's 2nd album "Truckstop Favorites Vol. 2" While managing her, Carolyn signed with Warner Chappell, William Morris and was offered a major recording deal with Giant Records.

Recorded dead horse's "Demo90" that got them signed to their first record deal and managed them a few years later.  Recorded Soilent Green's (New Orleans) first and second albums that got them signed. Recorded Uncle John Tuner and Johnny Winter, Academy Black, Dirt, Hayflick Limit.

Produced and recorded Joe "King" Carrasco, Simpleton, Lee Alexander, Carrie Ann and the Apocalyptics,  L.L. Cooper, Voices of a Red God. Recorded and managed Dive, the Jinkies, Under the Sun, Rosebud, and Clay Farmer. Went into partnership with Skip Rudsenske and Greg Pitzer to open the "Artist Management Group" and"The Urban Art Bar".

Currently co-owner of "Montrose Records" and manages Pasadena Napalm Division, (made up from members of DRI and dead horse).
Raised in Panhandle of Texas in the small town of Dumas. Started first band "Shades of Time" with Joe "King" Carrasco (Teusch) in the seventh grade. (FYI Tommy Shannon also came from Dumas.)

Moved to Baytown in 1967 and join the "Nomads". During high school and college knocked around with numerous bands and finally settled into "Big Family" with Heli Joe Martinez in the mid 70s playing regionally. First recording experiences came at this time over at Nashville Sounds Studio. The demos we're produced by Sey Steadum a DJ @ KAUM and Leonard List @ KLOL.

Late 70s got married and started a family. The music dreams stopped but not the spirit. Started learning recording engineering in 1987 and opened Saturn Productions Studio in Baytown and a few years later, moved into Houston across the street from the Movie Studio (Houston Studios) in the warehouse district. Lost the studio in 1993 due to the building's owner being foreclosed on, and started managing Carolyn…