Richard Carr

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Composer/contemporary pianist Richard Carr is now living in the downtown St. Louis area after spending 10 years working as a pianist in the night clubs, hotels and restaurants of the French Quarter of New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina. He has released fourteen solo albums and one collaboration in the contemporary instrumental /new age genre.

Richardís live performances take audiences on a journey away from the busy world and into a calmer, less chaotic mental and emotional environment. Drawing on his classical training, jazz and pop familiarity, Richard creates music thru an improvisational process. His music has been called a soothing elixir for the soul, mind and body.

Aware of the meditative quality of his music, Richard has been exploring the healing side of his music. Working in the holistic community of St. Louis, Richard has developed the I AM Creative Sessions. These sessions are personal sessions in which Richard creates music for the clientís intention or focus. In essence, he creates a soundtrack for the intention.

Although Richard has not been on tour as much in recent years, look for that to change in 2013 in support of his latest album Soul Rekindled. Plans for Richardís first tour into the Northeastern US are in the preliminary stages. Return trips to Florida, Texas and the west coast are also in the works for 2013 and early 2014.

Currently, Richard is the Artist in Residence of the Midwest Music Conservatory in the St. Louis area. He has a studio of over 25 private piano and composition students.

Richard Carr

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