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rival sonsRival Sons - Head Down - In 2007 Scott Holliday decided to leave his previous band, then signed to Atlantic Records, and form a band in a more hard rock/blues rock vein. Teaming with drummer Mike Miley, they discovered bassist Robin Everhart at a jazz gig they attended, and soon set off in search of a vocalist. After trying a few, Holiday discovered Jay Buchanan, a folk singer formerly of the Jay Buchanan Band, on YouTube, and suggested to the band they seek his services. Serendipitously, Miley had known Buchanan for years, and called him to ask him to join the band; after initially declining, Holiday himself contacted Buchanan and, after bonding over their love of blues legends, persuaded him to jam with the band for a bit. The meeting went well, and Buchanan agreed to join.

In June 2009 the band digitally self-released their first album, Before the Fire. Songs got some use in commercials - "Tell Me Something" in an Izod Indy Car racing commercial, "I Want More" in the preview for I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell - and the band saw some moderate success opening for acts such as Kid Rock and AC/DC.

In 2010, the band signed with Earache Records, a label known mostly for its collection of metal bands, and released first a self-titled EP, followed by their first full length, Pressure & Time. Recorded in a marathon three week session, Pressure & Time received little attention in any large circulation publication but was well-reviewed in the outlets where it was covered -- William Ruhlmann of AllMusic.com said that “any rock fan who avoids it with the same expectation [of Earache Records style death metal] will be missing out,” and the Sons were named “Breakthrough Rock Band of 2011” by iTunes. Again, tracks from the album were featured in commercials, included “Get Mine” in a Jeremiah Weed commercial, and again the band saw some success opening for Judas Priest and Evanescence. Embarking on their own tour, they saw well attended shows in the UK and throughout Europe.

In 2012, the band again entered the studio for a recording session for their latest album. Head Down was released on September 17, 2012.

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