Roach Thompson

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Roach Thompson was born Warren Jefferson Thompson, Jr on November 27, 1944 in Brunswick, Georgia. He grew up playing the blues on old-time guitars, some of which were homemade. By age 17 he left home and during his travels refined his craft. Roach worked with a group called The Kinfolk when he first began cutting records. He gained additional experience in the recording studio with a group called The Notorious Miami Band. It was with Miami that the song “Kill That Roach” was penned and recorded, permanently giving the nickname “Roach” to its author.

Thompson won the B. B. King Lucille award. He won the Jammy award for the Best Blues Band and Best Line Performance two years in a row.

Musicians: Warren “Roach” Thompson (lead vocals, lead & rhythm guitars), Michael Gautier (keyboards, horns), George “Chocolate” Perry (bass, horns, rhythm guitar, background vocals), Chuck Juntzman (rhythm guitar on “When a Woman Loves” and slide and rhythm guitar on “Lies to My Baby”).

Roach Thompson

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