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Ron Beer’s newest musical installment, Boogie Boy Blues, is a music CD loosely based on his experiences in 1974 when he hitch-hiked across Canada with his guitar on his back. Due to his authorship, Boogie Boy Blues is now a music CD turned children’s graphic novel that teaches children about the craft of songwriting.

View All Photos | Ron BeerA three-year veteran of the Humber Summer Songwriting workshops, Ron has given back by sharing his knowledge of songwriting by hosting the Songwriters’ Music Festival. This event, hosted at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre, raised funds to help supply musical instruments to a children’s music program. His ability and desire to teach did not stop there as Ron continues to teach his music program in York Region to grades four through eight.

In addition to his successful and ever-evolving musical career, Ron Beer is also an established and highly recognized marital artist. Since 1978, Ron has owned and operated his martial arts studio in Markham, Ontario. In that time, he has hosted, scripted and scored for shows such as ‘Karate Kids’ on Classic Communications in York Region, and ‘The Martial Arts’ on Mclean-Hunter Television.

Ron is an artist, and a true artist has the ability to mold, fuse and professionally combine different forms of art. Though combining singing and songwriting, literary authoring and martial arts, Ron Beer has the trifecta of artistry.

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