root spirits

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root spiritsRoot Spirits is an original duo located in Athens, GA consisting of Danny Arango (guitar/vocals) & Matt Fiorino (drums/vocals). Their heavy blues-rock sound draws upon groove oriented American roots music: combining their love of Blues power, Jazz improvisation, and Soul swagger with "high art" aesthetics of experimental and psychedelic interludes. Visceral live performances take their fans on a journey as it moves their heart, minds, and feet with a message of love and peace.root spirits

 They’ve started a music series in which they record and release one new song every week.  It’s entitled “Live from the General’s Headquarters” and consists of original tunes, as well as their own take on classic blues.  These boys are dead set on pushing their creative output.  All songs are recorded live, and without any modern “band aids.”  What you hear is what you’ll get when you see them live: gritty and raw.  As Pop Matters put it, “Root Spirits deserves just as much attention from collectors of Hound Dog Taylor bootlegs (you know who you are) as from devotees of doom and dirge (ditto), and, well, just about anybody else who can’t get enough of that heavy, heavy music.”

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