Rudi Bayer

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Rudi Bayer - Born in Munich in the Upper Palatinate Forest Forest. He has played his 15 years of age or bass. With 24 years came the double bass. Since then he has been traveling with two instruments in various band projects. His musical life brought him together with the likes of Albie Donnelly Supercharge or Blondie Chaplin of the Rolling Stones.

He can also look back on the musical collaboration with Louisiana Red or Jenne Carroll. With the band project Slagwagon he spent several weeks at the top of the MP3 charts. He became involved in world music projects as well as in the classical field in musicals.
In collaboration with Wolfgang Bernreuther and Beata Kossowska he found, however, his performance as the music of "UBE" miraculously claim and feel united.

Finally, he is the 50th Closer than the age of 40.

And as proof whatever you want!

Rudi Bayer

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