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Scott H. Biram, aka Scott Biram, SHB, Hiram Biram, or The Dirty Old One Man Band (born April 4, 1974) is an American blues, punk and country music musician, based in Austin, Texas.


Biram was born in Lockhart, Texas, United States, and raised in Prairie Lea and San Marcos, Texas. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Southwest Texas State Univesity (now Texas State University) in 1997. Prior to becoming a one-man band, he was a member of a punk band (The Thangs) and two bluegrass bands (Scott Biram & the Salt Peter Boys and Bluegrass Drive-By).

Biram released five albums under his own record label, KnuckleSandwich Records. His first album was This is Kingsbury?, released in 2000. This was followed by a second release, Preachin' & Hollerin in 2002. In February 2003 he released his third album, Lo-fi Mojo, recorded live on the radio in Austin, Texas. On March 25, 2003, Biram was involved in a head-on collision, which saw his vehicle crushed. He survived the wreck and was flown to Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. He suffered from a broken femur, knee, foot, and arm, and severe internal injuries. Metal rods and pins were placed in all of the broken bones, and one and a half feet of his intestine had to be removed from his body. One month later he was back on stage at Austin's Continental Club playing a show from a wheelchair. While recovering, he recorded and released the 'Rehabilitation Blues E.P.' The recording was made at his parent's home while he was still bedridden from his crash.

In 2004, he released The Dirty Old One Man Band. Subsequently, it was re-released (with a few changes) in 2005 when Biram signed with Bloodshot Records from Chicago, Illinois. After signing with Bloodshot, Biram released Graveyard Shift (2006), and Something's Wrong / Lost Forever (2009). Something's Wrong/Lost Forever reached #5 on the Billboard Blues Chart. His fourth record on the Bloodshot label, Bad Ingredients, was released on October 11, 2011. The Album reached #39 on the iTunes Rock Chart on the day of release. A week after the release of Bad Ingredients he appeared on the cover of the local weekly magazine, The Austin Chronicle.

Since 1999, Biram has toured the United States, Canada, and Europe (performing approximately 200 dates a year). Between 2005 and 2011, he had toured Europe and the UK fourteen times.

Biram's musical style covers a wide spectrum. 'I grew up on Doc Watson, Leadbelly and Lightnin' Hopkins,' he revealed, 'and in college, I discovered more obscure people like Lil' Son Jackson and Mance Lipscomb.' Biram mixes roots music, CB radios and a punk rock attitude. 'I kind of pride myself on being able to release my emotions freely and not hold back at all,' he says. 'So many people these days have timid little weak voices like they're scared to belt it out.'

The song 'Blood, Sweat & Murder' from The Dirty Old One Man Band album, was used in the television program, Dog the Bounty Hunter, in the episode titled 'A Helping Hand'. His song 'Hit The Road' was also used on Dog The Bounty Hunter. 'Lost Case Of Being Found,' 'Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue,' and 'No Way' were used in season four of FX Cable Channel's Sons Of Anarchy. His song 'Wreck My Car' was used in the film, The Darwin Awards. Biram has appeared in documentary films, including a part in J.D. Wilkes 2008 film, Seven Signs: Music, Myth & the American South. Biram appeared in the 2008 German film The Folk Singer: A Tale of Men, Music & America. He also was in the French documentary, One Trip Some Noise. Biram's music was featured in the documentary, Running Heavy.

Nashville Pussy covered his song 'Raisin Hell Again' on their 2005 album, Get Some! Hank Williams III covered Biram's song, 'Truckdriver'. Biram will appear on Shooter Jennings' January 2012 release, Family Man.

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