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Sean PolukSean Poluk - Sean Garrett Poluk was born in northern Ontario Canada, Sault Ste. Marie to be exact, locals just refer to it as The Soo.

Sean began taking classical guitar lessons at the age of ten and not long after started learning his favorite tunes by ear. In his early teens he began to play in various rock bands and performed locally.

At the age of eighteen he began playing in night clubs and bars, despite not being quite old enough.

To strengthen his skills as an artist he traveled to the United States and entered the music academy GIT in Hollywood California at the age of twenty. He said "this was a great experience for me, I understood my instrument better and I could add more to my musical creativity and improve my technique."

Returning to his hometown, he started teaching guitar at a music school and at the same time shared the stage in concerts with blues bands.

Then moved to Vancouver, and took a break from performing for a few years to focus directly on writing and composition. It was time to improve his own advantage as an artist, guitarist and singer, working every day on the assembly of new ideas and forge new songs. After a long journey and growth as an artist, Sean Poluk, connected with professional musicians to assemble and fit the pieces together for his debut album "Never."

The first CD of his solo career, Sean worked with professional people in Canada and Spain, for the preparation of his solo release, after a long walk "Never" came to light, full of strength and freshness, a Cd full of personality and feelings.

His songs are already being heard on national and international radio stations, receiving great acceptance from the public.

Sean Poluk will be taking his brand of blues to cities of Spain in February and March of 2013.

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