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The Shawn Starski Band - Blues guitarist Shawn Starski’s jaw-dropping solos run the gamut from soulful picking to towering anthems of blues ferocity. They all come from his trademark blue Stratocaster, which is less an instrument than an extension of his soul.

Starski, a former member of Jason Ricci’s New Blood, started playing guitar in his church band, and has since earned accolades from fans and critics far and wide. In 2008, Guitar Player magazine named him one of the “10 Hottest New Guitar Players of the Year,” and two years on, his star shows no signs of slowing in its ascent.
Born in Detroit and raised in Deerfield Beach, Starski now resides in Nashville, and he’s currently on tour with his new band, comprised of bassist Todd “Buck Weed” Edmunds and drummer Byron Cage. The self-taught Cage has been playing and touring professionally for years, and though his roots are deeply set in gospel and jazz, he’s since expanded to touch on nearly every genre of music. Edmunds, though principally a bassist, also plays the tuba, double bass, the Sousaphone, and bass harmonica. The self-described jazz master and devout musicologist is just as likely to be found playing bass for an Ellington-inspired Big Band, or tuba for a New Orleans brass ensemble as he is to be subbing on electric bass for a Norwegian black death metal band.

The Shawn Starski Band are currently touring throughout the country in support of their forthcoming solo album, The Art of Starting a Fire, and are due at Cocoa Beach’s Beach Shack this November 20.

Catch the Shawn Starski Band on Saturday, November 20 at the Beach Shack, located at 1 Minutemen Cswy. in Cocoa Beach. Call 783-2250 for ticket information. To find out more about the band, visit:

The Shawn Starski Band

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