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"Sir" Oliver Mally`s Blues Distillery

"Sir" Oliver Mally guitar, voc
Walter "Shakey" Kreinz
bass, voc
Willy Hackl drums

Martin Gasselsberger piano, keys, vocals


„If anybody in Austria is capable of playing „Contemporary Blues“, it’s Oliver Mally and his band the Blues Distillery”.
JAZZZEIT (Austrias biggest Jazzmagazine)

The „Blues Distillery“ can be easily called Austrias “leading band” when it comes to playin’ “Contemporary Blues“. From Texas Blues to Chicago Blues, from Westcoast Blues to “straight-from-the-heart” songs, it’s all in there.

Most of the songs are originals and show a lot of variety and a unique approach. They enrich their program with covers of Steve Earle, Tommy Castro, Muddy Waters … only to name a few. And they don’t try to copy but to interpret with deep respect for the originals.

It’s not easy to lock the band in because the “Distillery” likes to mix up the Blues with a lot of different styles. A “high-energetic” cocktail is guaranteed to be served! … by a band that takes no prisoners.

"Bulletproof" shows that these are seasoned blues veterans that have paid their dues and have written great songs about the journey. These boys from Austria have clearly done their lesson in American music, while giving the music their own unique sound that really makes you want to see them live. This CD called "Bulletproof" is a must for any ones international music collection. It will make you want to go hang out in Europe and take in the blues scene over there.

Oliver Mally was born on the 06th of February in1966 in Wagna/Styria. At the age of 15 he received his first guitar which, for his family, turned out to be a real "trouble-maker"

As an autodidact he spent his first years learning different guitar styles. Main influences on his electric guitary playing are Albert King, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Albert Collins ... After years of hard practice he developed his own style that separated him from other guitarist-clones.

In 1990 he formed the band "SIR" OLIVER MALLY’s BLUES DISTILLERY. During the following years the band was constantly on tour - national as well as international. Since the late nineties his acoustic playing became more and more a bigger part in his creative work. With piano player Raphel Wressnig he found himself a congenial partner. And even here, on the field of acoustic blues, an identifiable style of their own was worked out real fast and documented on two CD’s "TRIPLE TROUBLE" and "BOUND FOR NOWHERE".

150 to 180 shows are done every year all over Europe, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia ...

He worked with artists like Louisiana Red (USA ), Steve James (USA), Doug McLeod (USA), Big "Lucky" Carter (USA), Johnny "Yarddog" Jones (USA), John Mooney (USA), Larry Garner (USA), Sugar Blue (USA), The Griswolds (USA) ...

His Live-experience also consists of shows at festivals like Rother Bluestage (D), New Orleans Festival Wendelstein (D), Blue Wave Festival in Rügen (D), Blues at Schloss Saarbrücken (D), Mississippi Blues Festival Berlin (D), Dresdener Blues Festival (D), Blues Festival Leipzig (D), Walkin’ the Blues in Utrecht (NL), 3rd Bres Blues Night in Vilvoorde (BEL), Jazz Festival Gronau (D), Austrian Blues Masters (A), Jazz Festival Wien (A), Musik Festival Waidhofen/Thaya (A), Mojo Blues Parade (A), EASTWEST Blues Festival in Budapest (HUN), Lent Festival in Maribor (SLO), Fricktaler Blues Festival (CH) ...

He opened shows for Champion Jack Dupree (USA), Billy Branch (USA), Steve James (USA), Bobby Mack (USA), Big Jay Mc Neely (USA), Larry Garner (USA), Microwave Dave & the Nukes (USA), Vince Weber (D), Johnny Mars (USA), Lucky Peterson (USA) ...

In November 1999 Oliver Mally won the Critics' Award of the Magazine Concerto and was chosen as the "Best Blues - Roots Artist" in Austria for the first time.

Since autumn 2000 you can find Oliver Mally also in the Internet. On the homepage you can find all dates and times of concerts as well as informations about projects of the Band, lyrics and samples of the current songs to listen. CD's can be ordered via Internet, Informations for press and organizer can be downloaded. With the Newsletter the steadily increasing amount of fans is informed via E-mail.

In November 2001 "Sir" Oliver Mally’s Blues Distillery won the Critics' Award of the Magazine Concerto and was chosen as the "Best Blues - Roots Act. "BULLETPROOF", their new CD, was voted "best international Bluesalbum" of the year.

2002: At the end of a year full of touring and one-nighters, Oliver Mally does it again. For the 4th time he wins the Critics' Award and is voted "Best Blues - Roots Act" in Austria.

2003: After the release of two Cd’s, a lot of touring (international Festivals - Blue Wave Festival in Rügen (D), Blues at Schloss Saarbrücken (D), Mississippi Blues Festival Berlin (D), Austrian Blues Masters (A), Jazzfestival Wien (A), Lentfestival in Maribor (SLO), Fricktaler Bluesfestival (CH) ...) Oliver Mally, for 5th time!, wins the CONCERTO Critic’s Award for "Best Blues-Roots Act" of the year.

2004: Another year with lots of gigs and festivals - Jazzfestival Wiesen (A), New Orleans Festival Wendelstein (D), Blue Wave Festival auf Rügen (D), Mississippi Blues Festival Berlin (D), Bluesnacht Ingolstadt (D), as a part of the European FolkbluesFestival in Hamburg, München, Rügen, a great and successful tour with Harp – Legend SUGAR BLUE and two very successful tours through Italy with his partner Raphael Wressnig. ...on which end stands the release of the acoustic – non regular “Christmas” CD ­ „SOMEONE STOLE MY CHRISTMAS TREE“ as well as the release of a live DVD of his band the BLUES DISTILLERY.

Walter "Shakey" Kreinz  - Born and raised in the south of Styria his first musical influences were the typical polkabands of a farming region in Austria. "Little Walter" was enormously fascinated by the trumpets and so he started to struggle with this instrument for some time.

After a short intermezzo with the double bass he discovered bass players like John Entwhistle of the band "The Who", or James Jamerson, the legendary Motown bass player. After long years of travelling back home in Styria he met a young, talented singer and guitar player. His name "Oliver Mally".

We are in the year of 1991 and "Sir" Oliver Mally’s Bluesdistillery was found. Since then Walter "Shakey" Kreinz mainly works with "Sir" Oliver and the Blues Distillery. Hundreds of shows and thousands of miles across Europe and the journey continues ...

Willy Hackl

Martin Gasselsberger - Born on the 6.2.1980 in Ried/Innkreis, Upper Austria From 1986-1998 student of various music schools.

1999 : IGP studies of keyboard instruments in popular music at the University Of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, finishing with distinction. Since then he´s completed a Master´s Degree in Vienna.

Besides his work as a teacher for piano Martin Gasselsberger is on tour with several bands and projects within and beyond Austria´s borders. Only to mention a few: mg3 (Martin Gasselsberger Trio), Diana Jirkuff Band, Petra Linecker Quartett, Daniel Mimra, Threesome and of course ““Sir” Oliver Mally´s Blues Distillery”

Among many others MG played with musicians like Wolfgang Puschnig, Jarek Smietana, Klaus Dickbauer, Ines Reiger, Bumi Fian, Manuel Ortega, Katharina Stemberger, Simone Kopmajer, Voya Bee,…

He was also leading many musical shows and worked for several studios in Austria, Germany and Great Britain.

“...Similarly, Austrian pianist Martin Gasselsberger and his group mg3’s new release, 2nd Move, can easily be lumped into E.S.T. territory. And while there is a clear precedence in Gasselsberger’s refined approach—relying on lyrical themes and improvisation over relatively simple vamps and changes—there are differences that make 2nd Move an entity unto itself…” (John Kelman - “All About Jazz”)