Smoking Mojos

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The Smoking Mojos is an electric blues band that have been playing around Pretoria for the last couple of years, the initial sound being strongly focused on Classic- and Blues based Rock and Roll.

Obsessed with the dirty, raw blues from America’s deep South and similarly haunting music from traditional African musicians such as Ali Farka Taure, the Mojos have progressed from their traditional blues rock beginnings into a form of music that they like to call Voodoo Groove – raw primitive beats with strong guitar riffs gets the crowd stomping their feet to music that is organic and evolving, always leaving room for spontaneous improvisation.

They believe the roots of all blues music can be traced back to Africa, the mother continent of all “voodoo” music. This leaves them quite proud of their brand of African Voodoo Blues. Their long awaited debut album Voodoo Groove released in 2012 was well received in album reviews.

They have recently started a hugely popular acoustic set featuring the full band. New material was introduced to keep things fresh and interesting, the chilled vibes usually has the crowd shouting for more.

The Mojos are:
Rick de Villiers - Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
Olof Bergh - Guitar, Banjo
Albert Bergh - Bass Guitar
Waldo Bergh - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Bin van Heerden - Drums, Cajon

Smoking Mojos

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