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The Snakehandlers Blues Band - After a two year break following the end of Sindacato, Carl Lo Sasso and former bandmate Frank snakehandlers blues bandDean decided it was time to put the rock & roll shoes back on.

Lo Sasso had been performing with Maxx Avenue but had been running into roadblocks with the personnel. Dean had been kicking back at his guitar shop in Franklin Indiana and performing acoustic with bassist Floyd Tucker when the mood struck. But now he felt like it was getting time to consider committing to something.

Carl Lo Sasso had been working with former Dog Talk founding member and vocalist Bob Schneider and mentioned to Dean that they were disbanding their current group but would be interested in working with him. Dean was open to the idea but only if it was an "art first" effort and if he could bring Tucker with him. Schneider would also play keyboards for the ensemble.

The second guitar spot was temporarily and individually occupied by two of Indy's finest. John Nugent of Thunder Club and Brent Bennett of Drop Kick Ned. Unfortunately, both were understandably committed to their own groups and saxophonist Gary Woodworth had too much on his plate already to jump into the kind of schedule that Dean and Lo Sasso were talking about.

Then after years of prodding by Dean, harmonica player / vocalist Cadillac Scott Parkhurst put his X on the dotted line. They now had two powerhouse vocalists on board with the only missing piece being the elusive "other guitarist." Dean was adamant that there would be no "Steve Vai" types in the band playing over the vocals. Many were interested, many were declined.

Clint Crabb joined The Snakehandlers as the last piece of the puzzle. his requests to "play less, not more" were a welcome surprise along with his tasty slide guitar work. His Duane Allman / Derek Trucks style was completely different from Dean's Jimmy Reed / Chucky Berry grooves. snakehandlers blues band

So there it is. Six musicians with a mountain of experience and an undying love and appreciation for Rhythm, Blues, and Rock & Roll in search of those who love hearing it.