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Born and raised in East Texas, the boys from Something Blue having been re-imagining the blues and gaining fans since 2004. That’s when Delano Guevara (guitar/lead vocals), Angelo Lopez (electric and upright bass) and Chris Oliver (drums/vocals) decided to reinvent what a blues-band could be: equal parts stripped-bare rock and juke-joint bounce, with the chops to cover anything lying in between.

Having opened for Jimmy Vaughan, Buddy Guy, and John Mayall – to name just a few – Something Blue has cultivated a non-traditional sound that incorporates influences ranging from Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, to Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine. Rollicking choruses, searing guitar, rolling bass lines and gospel-trained, demon drumming captivates every type of audience – from classic blues enthusiasts to kids who’ve never heard of Robert Johnson or Muddy Waters.

“We’d always been fans of the blues, but when we were younger we kept it on the back burner,” says Lopez. “We always respected it, but we never really played it. That all changed when a trip to Memphis turned our musical lives around.”

“That’s when it becomes real,” says Guevara. “You can hear it on a record or see it on television all you want, but the blues is a visceral experience. The bells and whistles and flashy stuff, the lights – it’s nice, but it’s not what the music is all about. There has to be soul.”

Something Blue knows the history of the blues, but seek to put their flair and edge on it. “It’s just how we play,” says Guevara. “We have that freedom to do what we want and sound how we want.” And they’ve got the talent to pull it off … with plenty to spare.

With the upcoming release of their debut EP expected summer 2010, Something Blue adds another notch to their belt that includes intimate club gigs, Dallas’ Smirnoff Center, The House of Blues Festival, 2009 Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure, and the 13th Annual Texas Blues Festival.