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StoneToneBluesBand belts the Blues with a juicy, rocking take that pays homage to the great BLUES masters. With undeniably authentic vibe that conveys both tribute and interpretation of the original genre, StoneToneBluesBand delivers on the promise of dropping jaws with its raucous and deep blues roots. From its inception in 2000, the band has been made up of the top blues cats from Greater New York's blues scene. StoneToneBluesBand has toured world-wide and delivered in spades to packed
audiences at home in NYC, USA-wide, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Barry Harrison on drums, George Papa George on organ, Rod Gross - drums, Admir "Dr. Blues" Hadzic - Bass, Rich Cohen - Guitar, Anthony Kane - Harmonica, Jeff McErlain, Hugh Pool, Tom Papdatos, James Wormorth -drums.

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