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One hundred years of musical talent! Experience? Oh yeah–they got it! Sugar Daddy Blues Band’s members write it, play it, produce it, perform it, and Baby, it’s swingin’. Each Sugar Daddy plays a wide variety of instruments, in a wide array of genres.

If you’re looking for a new sound that will get you swaying to a mean groove, or if you just wanna max out on musical cool, just contact the Sugar Daddy Blues Band or, better yet, buy the album! It’s a different kind of blues! These cats got the kick that makes you hipped to the tip!

John Hawkins - Lead and harmony vocals, drums, percussions, harmonicas Has performed with Crossbow, Hamilton Mill Exit, Rainbow, Orpheus, Stacy Byrd, Seahawk, Reflections, Julius Cobb, & Band of Faith Published by RLH Publishing – ascap

Warren Rollins - Lead and harmony vocals, guitars, keyboards Has performed with Pilot, Crossbow, & Band of Faith
Published by RLH Publishing – ascap

Mike Lagerholm - Lead and harmony vocals, bass, keyboards, guitars Has performed with Henry J’s, Quik, Sweetwater, Back Trax, Arteshia, Escapade, Jersey Dan, The Suspects Band, Reflections, & Band of Faith Published by RLH Publishing – ascap