The Superstitions

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The SuperstitionsThe Superstitions deliver a Maxwell St. alley sound with a high intensity flair just like the earliest Chicago Electric groups, on this recording, a harp-driven-trio. The bands inspiration hearkens back to the great days of early post-war blues when blues musicians first converted to electrically amplified instrumentation. With Demar Dupree on vocals and harp, accompanied by Johnny Williamson and Tj Sullivan on rhythm and lead guitars as well as lead vocals, the formidable chops of these three bluesmen create a sound that is startlingly full for a trio and dynamic in its presentation! In fact, the band refers to their performances as 'Juke Joint Revival Meetings'. The trio has dug deep into the rich history of blues music to showcase great rare and obscure material and plays it in a way which is unique in the current blues scene. This aspect, evident in both the almost evangelical presentation in their live performances, as well as the bands many original tunes allows them to display a consummate knowledge of the form and invests the music with heartfelt storytelling and sometimes-wry humor which is what great blues is all about. Each of the versatile members of The Superstitions contributes his own vocal style which allows them to play a wide spectrum of blues music from the earliest days to contemporary forms while infusing it all with their own ensemble's special approach. Audiences who have seen and heard the recent 'West Coast Shows of The Superstitions' have been thoroughly entertained and overwhelmed by the music and showmanship of these three bluesmen. Once you've experienced one of their 'Juke Joint Revivals' you will be a true believer in The Superstitions! Not since Lester Butler and the Red Devils or The Hollywood Fats Bands has there been such an authentically early sounding Jumping group in roots music!

Demar Dupree (vocals, harmonica), TJ Sullivan (guitar, vocals), Johnny Williamson (guitar, vocals).

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