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”Ten tracks of curled up rattler on a dancin' preacher's hand.” New Haven Advocate

“A cross between Billy Gibbons & Tom Waits.” Vintage Guitar Magazine

”Jaw dropping riffage.” Guitar One Magazine

Swamp CabbageJacksonville Florida is way up north in the “Georgia part of Florida” where cypress swamps, alligators and palmetto thickets inspired Walter Parks to create Swamp Cabbage.

Northeast Florida is where this music began but bandleader, guitarist and singer Parks left fifteen years ago for New York where in 2001, he began playing with Richie Havens - the man who made rock history by opening the 1969 Woodstock Festival. For the past four years Walter has had the honor of touring the US, Europe, Australia and Canada as Richie's lead guitarist. When there's a break in that very groovy routine, Walter steps out with his own roadshow Swamp Cabbage.

Swamp Cabbage is electric American roots music. Swamp Cabbage is always original even when they're payin' tribute. Swamp Cabbage is North Florida fatback boogaloo blues.

Swamp CabbageOn every song Walter Parks' honkin' Guild six string sloshes through the mud of Matt Lindsey's tuba-like fuzz bass while Jagoda slaps a New Orleans funeral drum 'til neither it nor the audience can take anymore. But the hurt is good and so it continues. While Walter wrestles his vintage guitar into pitch for the next song, the audience is encouraged to heckle. Then Swamp Cabbage stirs up an electri-fried gumbo of St Louis ragtime with a pinch of New Orleans zydeco. They bring it to the boiling point of an Appalachian hoedown. Feets move and folks holler.

Amidst the bowels of each tightly rehearsed song, Swamp Cabbage finds a place to let the groove fester where they jam through the murky unknown 'til they discover their way out again. As every show closes in a psychedelic gospel frenzy, everybody feels like they've made it through the revival together. Come hell or high water.

In style, Swamp Cabbage gestures a raunchy foot-stompin' tip of the hat to Tony Joe White, The Meters, Dr. John, Tom Waits and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. Swamp Cabbageis new original Southern music that's different from, yet in keeping with, the North Mississippi All Stars and Mofro.