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The Artist known as eye-mini Sy Klopps started out as a fictional "recluse prodigy" musician. A fabrication, a trick, played on booking agents by Herbie Herbert, the successful rock and roll "Personal Manager" responsible for crafting Journey’s success. During phone conversations with fellow music business people, when poking fun and gaming was always expected, Sy Klopps was invented.

Eventually, Herbie decided to become Sy Klopps himself. He brought Klopps to life. Became the man. But, it could not have happened without his many famous musician friends who came to jam, gig and record, showing interest and offering their talents and friendship. Sy thrived on this and gave back just as much and even more.

Herbie retired from managment at the tail end of 1993 and jumped headlong into becoming Sy Klopps the artist. It became his passion. He built his own state of the art commercially competitive recording studio and recorded his first album, "Walter Ego", released in 1993 on Guitar Recordings Classic Cuts label. Gigs around the Bay Area and eventually at the Fillmore in San Francisco soon followed and Sy Klopps Studio became well known to musicians in San Francisco and even globally.

After his first CD, Sy recorded several more: "Old Blue Eye Is Back", "Berkeley Soul", an EP called "High Five" and a Live Video recorded in concert at the Fillmore. Sy has played live gigs with Etta James at the House Of Blues, with Tower of Power and The Doobie Brothers.
Joel Selvin of the San Francisco Chronicle dubbed Sy Klopps "The Paul Bunyan of the blues".

In 2001, Sy teamed up with Billy Kreutzmann, Neal Schon and some of his other band mates to create a new group called the Trichromes. They realeased a CD called "Dice With The Universe.”

Sy Klopps

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